Bremen Workshop: Slides and info

A joint real options workshop by the University of Bremen and Lappeenranta University of Technology was held on 18th of October in Bremen at the WiWi building (see picture below) in the University of Bremen campus.

The workshop featured four presentations on different aspects regarding strategic real options – concepts, theories, and application.

First, a talk by Prof. Jörg Freiling (U. Bremen) discussed theoretical frameworks for addressing strategic real options and went into the theoretical background of strategic real option research. Download presentation in PDF.

The second talk by Prof. Kalevi Kyläheiko (Lappeenranta U. of Tech.) discussed different types of uncertainties and how they relate to strategic real options and the capabilities of the firm. Download presentation in PDF.

The third talk by Prof. Mikael Collan (Lappeenranta U. of Tech.) discussed the pay-off method and how we can value strategic real options with the pay-off method for real option valuation. Download presentation in PDF.

Finally, Prof. Ellen Roemer (Hochschule Ruhr West) presented on creation and active management of real options (see picture below). Download presentation in PDF.

Find the program of the workshop from the earlier post – here.


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