EURO XXV Stream on Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing

Within the XXV European Conference on Operational Research (EURO) a stream titled: Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing was held. The stream consisted of four sessions of four presented papers each. The paper topics ranged from logistics optimization to asset valuation to personnel evaluation systems and covered many different topics. The stream was organized by Prof. Mikael Collan from Lappeenranta University of Technology, in Finland. This article presents the stream in more detail.

The conference was held in Vilnius, Lithuania and the venue was for the stream was the Radisson SAS hotel in the center of the city, visible in the photo below (tower building to the left – photo by Mikael Collan)

The first session started 08.30 on the 21st floor of the Radissons SAS building. The organization was that business class hotel rooms had been converted to small meeting rooms with space for about 20-25 participants. A 32 inch flat screen TV acted as the projector for the sessions. There are three elevators in the hotel and the maximum capacity of the 21st floor rooms (8) was about 200 participants. This put pressure on the elevators and getting to the rooms proved to be difficult. By putting the presentations on the top floor the organizers had effectively created a bottle neck.

Picture from the 21st floor sessions (photo by Jan Stoklasa)

The +30 degree weather and hardly functioning air conditioning system created their own spice in the first two sessions of the stream that were held on the 21st floor. Gladly the all the sessions of the stream were well attended, all with more than 15 participants.

The first session consisted of four papers and was chaired by Kaj-Mikael Björk from Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

Kaj-Mikael Björk Presenting the first paper in the session (photo Mikael Collan)

Unfortunately no photos were available from the presentation of Magnus Westerlund, Martin Gavalec, and Jaroslav Ramik.

The second session was chaired by Prof. Jana Talasova from the Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic


Prof. Mario Fedrizzi presenting the first paper of the second session (photo Jan Stoklasa).

Prof.Jana Talasova presenting. (photo Mikael Collan)

Jan Stoklasa presenting (photo Mikael Collan)

Helena Brozova Presenting, Jaroslav Ramik in the front row (photo Jan Stoklasa)

The third session was held in the second floor of the building, in a real conference room with an overhead video cannon (and working AC). The session was chaired by Mikael Collan from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Reinhard Viertl presenting (photo taken by Xiaolu Wang)

Nezmi Sener presenting (photo Mikael Collan). Nezmi is a Ph.D. student from Turkey, the EURO-conference was his first appearance in a conference abroad.

Mikael Collan presenting (photo Jan Stoklasa)

Xiaolu Wang in the middle sitting on the floor, but not presenting (Photo by Jan Stoklasa)

The fourth session was chaired by Prof. Mario Fedrizzi from the University of Trento, Italy.

Matteo Brunelli presenting (photo Jan Stoklasa)

Svetlana Asmuss presenting (photo Mikael Collan)

The third and the fourth presentation were integrated into one longer presentation about sociomapping (direct and indirect).

Radvan Babouh presenting (photo Mikael Collan)

Cyril Höschl presenting (photo Mikael Collan)

All in all the stream was composed of high quality presentations on interesting variable topics.

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