New publications from members of FROS

Some new publications (2012) from members of the Finnish Real Options Society:

Collan, M. and Kyläheiko, K., 2012, Strategic Patent Portfolios: Valuing the Bricks of the Road to the Future, in proceedings of the 17th International Working Seminar on Production Economics, 20-24.2.2012, Innsbruck, Austria Download in PDF

Hassanzadeh, F. Collan, M., and Modarres, M., 2012 forthcoming, A Practical Approach to R&D Portfolio Selection Using Fuzzy Set Theory, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems

Haahtela, T., 2012, Estimating Changing Volatility in Cash Flow Simulation-Based Real Option Valuation with the Regression Sum of Squares Error Method, Journal of Real Options, 1, 1, 33-52 Download in PDF

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