Real Options Presentations at EURO XXV

There were some real options presentations at EURO XXV Conference on Operational Research held in Vilnius, Lithuania (July 8-11) by Mikael Collan and Xiaolu Wang within the stream “Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing”. In the picture below the main venue of the conference the Radisson SAS hotel in the centre of Vilnius.

Mikael Collan presented on quantifying investment project profitability with the pay-off method (abstract below).

And the presentation by Xiaolu Wang was about valuation of patents with real option valuation with fuzzy inputs (abstract below).

Xiaolu Wang in the center (obviously not presenting at the time)

More information about the conference can be found from and the full program of the conference with abstracts (where the two excerpts seen above have also been taken from ) is available HERE IN PDF.


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